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will bring the tower of to 480 ft.. expected to be in place by friday afternoon. >>pam: the america's cup trophy and robins had resist of this morning. pieces of larry ellison's it is over 20 stories tall. to call for >> is exciting that it is here today in san francisco>>pam: the america's cup trophy and robins had resist of this morning. pieces of larry ellison's it is over 20 stories tall. to call for the golden gate and the had to be dismantled and brought in by a cargo ship. and it was considered to windy. light that a small amount of wind even less than this will fly on its own weight. and it could likely caused damage. it was an example of what america can put together based on the world. this will not settle and the 2013 america's cup in san francisco city government say that this is a symbol of the promise of competition will bring to the san francisco economy. this will not sell or participate in the 2013 america's cup. >> he will spend the next three days of loading and that is just the beginning. >> this is one the teams of the equipment. and 18 to be scheduled oracle racing w
. if that had not happened we would not be speaking. >>pam: certainly you know the concerns here in america, are we looking get a health crisis in japan as well as an industrial crisis? >>caller: not yet, the crisis in japan is primarily at the moment due to the damage from the earthquake and even more so from the tsunami. it thus far, the reactors while there are complications in need to be brought back under control, are not a serious health affected the local population. for those of us in the united states, they represent absolutely no hazard at all at the moment. >>pam: thank-you for your time in helping us try to sort through what is unfolding right now japan. the japanese quake and tsunami have raised the question, could a disaster like that happen here in the bay area. scientists conducted research on that subject a few years ago. kron 4 takes a look at what they found. >>reporter: according to research conducted by a geologist at the hubble state university, if a magnitude 9 earthquake occurred here as a non because by the quake could travel across the pacific to the bay area. here
crack in split concrete which is clearly visible. the executive director of transportation for america, said there's no need to stay off the roads just yet. >> if the bridge is really going to be dangerous, caltrans will cut it down. we saw that happen in 2009 when they shut down the bay bridge for about a week. this is more about a wake-up call that things are deteriorating, and you may end up with more safety issues. it doesn't mean people should stop driving or walking on bridges. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: new details tonight on japan's nuclear crisis. the japanese government said the radiation in tokyo's tap water now exceeds the safe level for consumption by children read it that has caused a run on bottled water. the japanese capital's 150 mi. from the crippled power plant. food exports have been banned from that area surrounding the plant. if the food and drug administration says japanese food from other sections of the country will be screened before it is allowed into the united states. in the meantime, more smoke is rising from the damaged reactor is causing an evac
america from the terrorist attack. >> . democratic colleagues says that he is doing just the opposite. >> this hearing is flying right into al qaeda right now around the world. >> the first elected muslim congress broke down in tears as he talked about muslim american aromatic who died paramedic-- at 911. >> we were speculating that she was perhaps one of the attackers because she was muslim. it is only one the bodies were identified that the true identity was exposed. >>catherine: >> eyewitnesses also include the killing of an army private. he said that his son was manipulated and lied to by radical elements in the muslim community. >> we're losing american fates. and for america to be on your side, tomorrow the victim might have blond hair, blue eyes. one thing for sure, is that it is going to happen again. >>catherine: jackie spier said that his testimony was interesting but he hardly qualified as an expert. the one the hearing included no muslim organizations or national experts on law- enforcement. >>pam: user run the bay the motorcycle crash on how we 1 0 1 in san mateo. daniel
slavery in america. paul explains how that sparked a heated commotion. >>reporter: at 10 years old nikki got a painful lesson in american history. he said his teacher, divided the class and made some students slaves and others their masters. >> at first didn't care but after people were made to people and made me mad. >>reporter: he said it got worse when the so-called masters were told to feel the students bring slaves to see if it were worth buying. if they got to look in your mouth and feel your legs and stuff. >> he felt degraded and heard. kids picked on him later. his mom said she is astonished. i feel like that was totally inappropriate and racist and degrading. >> the school district officials declined to comment on camera. a spokeswoman claims this is part of the standard required curriculum. she said was a onetime lesson and in a statement she robison is the concern was brought for attention school officials acted promptly to >> with the parent. while we were at his house is protocol. we overheard his apology. >> i'm shocked and no one has ever said anything about it. while the
no chance of that happening. singer chris brown apologizing for the about person of good morning america outburst--with his reference of restraining orders and of violence to singer come off rhianna if you'd like a free ticket in san francisco for pretty spears? it was initially going to be at the castro but because of the weather it was moved to the civic auditorium. tickets went into a matter of minutes but many are still available on craigslist for hefty prices. >>catherine: a woman's coach like you've never seen her. and were the giants beat without the giants mvp. kerry is next with sports. gary radnich but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere. hey marcel, watch this
appreciative of thing, the fan belt, support, everything--cindy locky luaper was footage from south america airport. now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >>reporter: in san francisco, dog owners are opposing a ban for off-leash public parks in the san francisco. with ocean beach, and other dog destination beaches. and dog owners are " barking mad " with a meeting with the national park service that fort mason. they are taking comments from the public. >> this is an extreme plan that would eliminate 90 percent of the trails that of already been legally be used for 40 years. there needs to be a balance. you cannot just ban a leash area for dogs. >> over the years a number of complaints with dog issues, and dog on dog issues. dog on vivisitor issues. >>reporter: the republican will reconvene may 29th. their voices are being heard and that is why they're out here. demanding that these laws be changed. reporting live, da lin >>reporter: more allegations of police misconduct and san francisco. and yet, a nother video has surfaced. misconduct on-another v
know that nuclear power plants in america if anything were to happen here? perhaps when key to this but they're not a common consumer product. i called dozens of stores, and home depot does not have them. as far as i can tell, only available online. there are so many different models and a could be confusing. the brand 'echotech' have one at $5 $ 250, and what features to look for and recommended models pyrrophyte gabe slate's tech report. >> kimberlee: a new study is showing that light on facebook is more profitable than a tweet on twitter. the average tweet is 805 of ticket sales. the facebook 'like' is more lucrative. march madness is just starting but according to data interactive. the on- line buzz is shows that eight to one trillio blogs, social media is looking for keywords to each of the 68 teams. >> kimberlee: amazon is going to launch its and right after store. and although the url is still beaded testinnot only did they 4 of the 46 app locations are cheaper than google. also, there are four different exclusive applications one of them is called calle
the 1990's until 2001. that's when he turned down a record six year $64 million deal to come to america and play for the yankees. in dissent than last season and york he was voted the 2009 world series mvp. (cheering & applause) >>vern: after year with the angels last season, the a's are glad to be playing with him and the american league west. >>gary: a's open their season one week from tonight. the giants go off on thursday vs. the dodgers. this could be a fun year for baseball around these parts. of course kron 4 never, never, never stops giving. to go to and maybe you win some tickets to giants baseball. it tomorrow night we're going have my name on it. vern glenn it is going to be sensational on this thing. that's tomorrow at 8:00 it's going to be great. pam has canceled a trip to the middle east. kron is sending her there to do some reporting but you're going to stay home and watch this right? >>pam: yes of the watching. >>gary: him as a little bit more full of it than you are, are you going to watch a young lady? your full of it, what we returned our e- mail segment
headlines again for the wrong reasons. afternoon of view on good morning america, a source said the ground trashed his dressing room, broke a window with a chair and read of shirtless. he was promoting a new album when the host asked him about a 2009 attack on his then girlfriend leon up. >> some of the restraining order against you, has been relax. >>catherine: brown flesh the question aside. roberts said she asked that if she could ask about the incident, abc called police and brown was not arrested. dmz caught up with them a few hours later much,. brown is currently on probation. police have not indicated whether they will pursue charges. charlie sheen might of been indicated wis quick job will be. sheena gave a mug to chemo featuring a fox. last thursday she met with fox executives to discuss show ideas which include a late night talk show. (music) banks to millions of americans, the star of this video is now a millionaire. rebecca blacks on friday has sold more than 2 million downloads on the tune since its release a month ago. it's also been viewed a 36 million t on youtube. bloggers
is america. where is great britain. if real help would be for them to give us weapons. within certain stalled time is running out for the rebels. government troops now control the outskirts of libya's third largest city. khaddafi spokesman said dozens of civilians have been killed and injured in the air strikes. while government forces are trying to protect them. , we don't have massacres were protecting our cities, our nation against our malicious. >>catherine: the president said he's not going to allow providing hardware to the rebels, he is hoping diplomatic pressure will post the loyalists to switch sides. he adds he does not expect that to happen overnight. if to with us more news after the break. ♪ you'll run outside ♪ and i'll pass you by ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine ♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months. ♪ >>kimberlee: this morning britney spears announced she is going on and to or with
wind dry day, partly cloudy conditions but we do have a wet weekend ahead. >>kimberlee: bank of america customer is still having problems. this is the second outage for the company less than two months. if the problem started yesterday it hasn't been resolved yet. a spokesperson said no customer information was compromise though. at&t customers can opt in to shop a large. it sends special offers such as things like h d, k mart via text message. if they will send out messages to users base of the location. jet blue will offer a reward program numbers for points for checking in at certain airports. s.c. johnson will flag promotions at nearby stores. google has an update to e-mail storage software and let's unexpected bugs that left tens of thousands of g mail users without access to the messages. it imposed last night google said e-mail's were never actually lost, it has restored access to many people were affected. stay with us more news after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient lux
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12